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Uniqueness And Gayo Coffee Features

One of the uniqueness and specialty Gayo Coffee is located on the taste and aroma. Gayo coffee has a varied taste, because the location of soil, water content, and soil conditions in the Gayo highlands tend to vary. Although different but it does not mean the quality is also different, it just tastes more varied so that enriched the taste of this Gayo Coffee. In addition, Gayo Coffee also has a very distinctive aroma and different from other coffee aroma. This is what makes Gayo Coffee more superior than other types of coffee.

Gayo Coffee Processing Process

Gayo Coffee Processing is always done with caution and full of perseverance to produce the best quality coffee, ranging from the selection process to the marketing process. At the time of harvest is not all coffee fruit plucked, because the selected coffee is a fruit that is cooked only, the fruit coffee that is red. After finishing picking then proceed with the pen using a special machine. Then after that done fermentation process.

In this fermentation process, coffee beans are washed with water that is completely clean. After the washing is then dried in the sun. This drying process should also be careful because the drying should not touch the ground. After that then proceed with hulling process and produce coffee peeled nail skin. Then dried in the sun again and done the process of greader tau seed selection based on quality. Then the coffee is ready for sale.

Gayo Coffee Flavor

In addition to its varied taste, Gayo Coffee also has a light taste and not too bitter like other coffees. It even feels a little tasteful so it gives a distinctive taste in this Gayo Coffee. The combination of unique taste and fragrant aroma would make Gayo Coffee is more complete. In addition, Gayo Coffee is also low in caffeine so it is still safe for consumption.

Gayo Coffee Sale Place

Gayo Coffee is one of Aceh's products that is quite famous, not only in Indonesia alone, but also out of the country. So for those of you who are outside of Aceh, can look for it in big stores in your city. However, if you are visiting or travel to Aceh, it is incomplete if you do not enjoy this coffee in the place of origin. In Aceh, this one coffee is not only sold in stores, but also many coffee shops that provide this one drink. In addition to easier, of course you can also enjoy the right blend of coffee that fits and favors from the community there.

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