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Once in the days of our ancestors, the Indonesian nation has had a way to defend itself from the ferocity of nature. They created martial arts by mimicking animal movements such as apes, tigers, snakes or birds. It is also possible to develop from the skills of indigenous Indonesians in hunting and warfare using tools.
According to the Wikipedia site, pencak silat is expected to spread to the archipelago since the 7th century AD. Although its origin can not be determined exactly. Major kings such as Sriwijaya and Majapahit are said to have great swordsmen who master the martial arts.According to expert researcher silat Donald F.Draeger argues that the evidence of martial arts can be seen from various artifacts of weapons found from the classical period of Hindu-Buddhist and relief sculptures containing the attitude of silat martial arts in Prambanan and Borobudur temples. Whereas in the opinion of Sheikh Shamsuddin that there are The influence of martial arts from China and India in silat.Sejak early Malay culture has gained influence from the culture brought by the merchants and migrants from China.
The development of silat is influenced by the spreaders of Islam in the 14th century dinusantara.kala martial arts are taught together with religious lessons in Surau or Pesantren, silat also become part of spiritual practice.Dalam diverse tribes in Indonesia pencak silat is An indispensable part of the adatya ceremony

Silat then developed from martial arts and folk art dance, became part of the education of defending the country to face foreign invaders. In history against Dutch colonialism recorded many of the warriors who took up arms such as Sultan Agung, Prince Diponegoro, Cut Nyak Dien and many others .

Realizing the importance of developing the role of Pencak Silat then it is necessary to have a national organization, which can tie the flow of Pencak Silat that exist throughout indonesia.pada 18 May 1948 formed the Indonesian Pencak Silat Association or abbreviated IPSI.IPSI recorded as the oldest martial arts organization in the World.
Some National Silat Organizations

1.IPSI (Pencak Silat Association of Indonesia)

A parent organization that serves pencak silat in Indonesia

2.PESAKA (martial arts association of malaysia)

A parent organization of martial arts in malaysia


An organization that performs pencak silat in singapore


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