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How to Install Laptop

How to install laptop
1. Go to bios menu, then select the boot menu, make sure the boot device is in the first position is your CD / DVD ROM, so that when booting directly to the Windows CD and then continue to install the Laptop.

2. Go to Advance menu then select Sata mode (usually name is different)
SataAchi: to install windows 7 or Vista laptop
IDENATIVE: to install Windows Xp laptop

4.Kemudian select save and exit, Do not forget to enter the Windows CD then Restart!

5. Wait a while until it says Booting from cd press any key to enter (Enter key can also: D) will happen load dr cd process!

6. When finished will appear blue screen with 3 options Press Only Enter.

Go to how to install step 7 laptop

7.Then it Press F8 to approve the license.

9.Press C to create a new partition on harddisk and Enter to install.

10. input the number of hard drives that will be shared (suggestion for it to be half-half)

11. Then press enter and select NTFS file system (Quick) or FAT file system (Quick) then press Enter.

12 wait a while because windows is copying installation files to the hard drive. If it will restart itself

13.You have succeeded Knowing how to install laptop so far, now input the name and organization then next

14.Modeukan Serial number of your windows number.

15. Set your password

16. set your computer's time settings!

17. how you managed to fully know how to install laptop.

How to install laptop completed

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