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Sejarah Loyang Koro, Takengon, Aceh Tengah

Loro Koro (Buffalo Cave) Lake Freshwater Lake Enchanting Environment
"Loro Koro" one of the caves that is full of history when Indonesia is colonized by foreign nations, "Loro Koro" aceh language of Gayo Region which in Indonesian means "Cave of Buffalo" which is located on the edge of Lake Laut Tawar with the distance of approximately 5 km direction East of the capital Takengon, this cave is one tourist attraction that sanngat beautiful and beautiful also crowded visitors on holiday, this cave is located at the foot of Mount Birahpanyang, down to down about 15 meter through coastal lane from road to kec. Star, this cave also has a depth of approximately 110 meters, to enter into the cave can be reached by a walkway. The visitors who travel to the Cave can enjoy up to the cave which is about 110 meters because the local tourism government has provided lighting facilities such as electricity and generators.
According to the guides of this cave legend there are two versions in history: the first mention that once the cave was translucent to Isak, through this cave the buffalo buffalo carrying his livestock, so this cave is a shortcut to go to Isak or to Takengon Town to trade, Carrying livestock through the highway is very far and takes a very long time, and instead of Isak there is also a cave whose name Goat Cave which is connected with this Koro cave pan, but now it is closed and can not pass again, according to the closed lagenda cave is due The dispute between the goat-bearer and the buffalo who both brought the cattle together, then collided in the cave and equally did not want to give in or back one of them to cause the collapse of the cave wall so that the road is closed and can not be crossed again. Then the second version mentions that this cave was once the hiding place of the Sultan of Aceh from the pursuit of Dutch and Portuguese troops.

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