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A Brief History of Karate

Karate (空 手 道) is a martial art originating from Japan. Karate martial arts brought into Japan via Okinawa. This martial art was first called "Tote" meaning "Chinese hand." When karate entered Japan, Japanese nationalism was at its height, so Sensei Gichin Funakoshi changed the kanji of Okinawa (Tote: Chinese Hand) in Japanese kanji Become a 'karate' (Hand Empty) to be more easily accepted by Japanese society.Karate consists of two kanji.The first is 'Kara' 空 and means 'empty' And second, 'te' 手, means 'hand'. The two kanji together mean "empty hands" 空手 (pinyin: kongshou).
According to the Zen-Nippon Karatedo Renmei / Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) and the World Karatedo Federation (WKF), which is regarded as the main style of karate:

1. Shotokan
2. Goju-Ryu
3. Shito-Ryu
4. Wado-Ryu
These four streams are recognized as the main Karate style for participating in the formation of JKF and WKF.

But the world's leading karate style is not just the four styles above that alone. Several major streams such as Kyokushin, Shorin-ryu and Uechi-ryu are widespread to various countries of the world and are known as the famous Karate stream, though not included in the "big 4 WKF".

In Japan, the organization that embodies the Karate sport throughout Japan is JKF. The organization that embodies Karate all over the world is WKF formerly known as WUKO - (World Union of Karatedo Organizations). There is also ITKF (International Traditional Karate Federation) which accommodate traditional karate. The function of JKF and WKF is primarily to affirm Karate which is "without direct contact", in contrast to the flow of Kyokushin or Daidojuku "direct contact".

Basic karate exercises are divided into three as follows:

1. Kihon, that is exercising basic karate techniques such as hitting, kicking and parrying techniques.
2. Word, that is the practice of stance or karate flower.
3. Kumite, ie a sparring or sparring exercise.
In present day karate can also be divided into traditional flow and the flow of sport. The traditional flow is more emphasizing the martial arts and combat techniques while the sporting flow is more heavily employed for sports competitions...?

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