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Cartoon Movie Avatar: Legend of the Aang (in the US name Avatar: The Last Bender) is one of the most demanded cartoons, not only in Indonesia but also in other countries. Of the children who talk if it is still difficult, until the fathers who have some hair have started to whiten. Only, I have never heard of grandparents who like to watch Avatar.

The cartoon Avatar series adopts many of the cultural arts, customs, and mythology of the Asian continent in the creation of its fiction. Avatar also mixes philosophy, language, religion, martial arts, clothing, and culture from Asian countries such as China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, India, and Tibet. This could be possible because the crew from the Avatar series series themselves employed a cultural consultant, Edwin Zane, to check the script of the story.

Etymologically, the term Avatar comes from Sanskrit (Avatāra) which literally means "to descend," or in the broad sense it means "The Coming of the Fair Queen", just as Maranatha is in Catholicism. In Hindu mythology, the gods manifest themselves as superhuman by falling incarnate into the world to restore equilibrium in the earth, after experiencing a time of extreme evil. The incarnation of this god, the last rescuer, is called the Avatar.

Later, there are states that the Avatar series contains a hidden mission for the benefit of the Dajjal. Quite possibly, this judgment departs from the recognition of Sai Baba, the eccentric man of Khurasan whom some consider to be the embodiment of the Dajjal in the 21st century, who indeed claimed to be the Avatar (the Savior). True or not Sai Baba a Dajjal, wallahu'alam bishawab.
There is also about the hidden mission of the Avatar cartoon series, it can be true and it can not. But given the Avatar included in the film cartoon network Holywood (Nickelodeon), apparently it needs to be further criticized. Because, Hollywood films are never free of value, always contain strange isms.

Wes Penre, one of the US artists who woke up rock bands in the US in the 1980s, said that if Walt Disney's out-of-the-box series seem to be safe, it actually contains teaching to small children about the world Magic and black magic that endanger the faith. Wes Penre has been converted and is now actively enlightening the United States and the world about the dangers of Hollywood products.
About the danger of whether or not the Avatar series really needs a more serious search. But certainly, soap operas made in Indonesia are ridiculous, away from the reality of the lives of our people, teach a lot of violence, get used to the pattern of life courtship (even the month of Ramadan yesterday there is a soap opera women wearing the veil but still dating! Naudzubillah!), And show Extraordinary wealth, this is far more dangerous in terms of aqidah. It is as if the success of life in this world is solely measured by how much we have accumulated wealth, not necessarily asking where it came from, no matter if it impoverishes others...?

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