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Army General (Anumerta) Ahmad Yani is one of the Heroes of the Revolution, the hero who died because of the rebellion G 30 S / PKI. He was born in Purworejo on June 19, 1922. When Elementary School, he studied at HIS in Bogor. He completed it in 1935. Then he continued his junior high school at MULO class B Afd. Bogor until 1938 which then forwarded to AMS part B Afd. Jakarta. But in this high school he could not finish it (only until grade 2) because the Dutch East Indies government announced a militia.

Ahmad Yani who has not graduated from high school then interested in military world and register to Military Topographic Service located in Malang area, East Java which then continued keintensifannya in Bogor area. This is the beginning of Ahmad Yani's career in the military field. He graduated from military education with the rank of Sergeant.

When Indonesia was invaded by Japan in 1942, Ahmad Yani enrolled to attend Heiho education in Magelang, Central Java. He then joined the PETA (Pembela Tanah Air) branch of Bogor.

During the war of independence, Ahmad Yani also many contributed. His services are like he managed to confiscate Japanese weapons in Magelang. When TKR was born, he was made Komandann TKR for Purworejo. At the time the Dutch launched their first Military Aggression, Ahmad Yani along with troops managed to stem the Dutch attack in the Pingit area. When the Second Aggression, he was also orbited by being appointed Commander Wehrkreise II to guard the Kedu region.

When the DI / TII rebellion erupted, Ahmad Yani was assigned to overcome the rebellion in Central Java. Together with the Raiders Fortress, finally DI / TII was defeated. After the task was completed, he returned to the Army Staff.

To further deepen his knowledge in military, in 1955 Ahmad Yani was sent to America to study at Command and General Staff College in Fort Leaven Worth, Kansas, USA for nine months. A year later he went on a two-month military school in England to take the Special Warfre Course.

When there was a PRRI rebellion in West Sumatra in 1958, Ahmad Yani, then a Colonel, was asked to become Commander of the August 17 Operation Command, which then led the crackdown.

Because of his services and achievements, in 1962, Ahmad Yani was appointed by President Soekarno to become Minister / Commander of the Army.

Become a Target G30S / PKI

In political view, Ahmad Yani did not agree and was always opposed to the PKI. When the PKI attempted to form the fifth army of armed laborers, Ahmad Yani immediately rejected it. This is the reason until he was included in the target of kidnapping and killing by the PKI in 1965.

Together with the other seven army officers, he was kidnapped and killed and his body was inserted into an old well in the Lubang Buaya area through a G30 S / PKI rebellion operation.

Chronology, when dawn on October 1, Ahmad Yani was shot in front of his bedroom. After a search on the next day, Ahmad Yani's body was then buried in honor at Kalibata Hero Cemetery, South Jakarta.

He, along with the seven officers who became victims of the PKI's ferocity, was later named the Revolutionary Hero and his rank was raised posthumously in the beginning of Lieutenant General.

Biodata General Ahmad Yani:
Name: Ahmad Yani

Biography :
-HIS (at elementary school) Bogor, graduated in 1935
-MULO (junior level) class B Afd. Bogor, graduated in 1938
-AMS (SMU level) part B Afd. Jakarta, stopped in 1940
Military Education:
- Military education at the Military Topographic Service in Malang
-Heiho education in Magelang
- Defenders of the Homeland (PETA) in Bogor
-Command and General College Staff at Fort Leaven Worth, Kansas, USA, 1955
-Spesial Warfare Course in England, 1956

Career History
Last position: Minister of Commander of the Army (Men / Pangad) since 1962
Star of Honor:
-Liter RI Class II
-Star Sakti
-The Guerrilla Star
-Study of Independence Independence I and II
-Satyalancana Kesetyaan VII, XVI
-Satyalancana G: O.M. I and VI
-Satyalancana Sapta Marga (PRRI)
-Satyalancana West Irian (Trikora)
-Ordenon Narodne Armije II Reda Yugoslavia (1958)

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