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Brief History of Cut Nyak Dien..

    Cut Nyak Dien was born in 1848 from a noble family of Aceh. From his father's line, Cut Nyak Dien is the direct descendant of the Sultan of Aceh. He married Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga at the tender age of 1862 and had a son.
    When the Aceh War widened in 1873, Cut Nyak Dien led the war on the front lines, against the Dutch who had more weapons. After years of fighting, his troops were urged and decided to flee to a more remote area. In the battle of Sela Glee Tarun, Teuku Ibrahim was killed.
Nevertheless, Cut Nyak Dien continued his struggle with a fiery passion. Incidentally during the funeral of her husband, he met with Teuku Umar who later became husband and fellow struggle.
Together, they rebuilt the power and destroyed the Dutch headquarters in a number of places. However, the weight test was again felt when on February 11, 1899, Teuku Umar died. Meanwhile, the Dutch - who know Cut Nyak Dien's troops are weakening and can only avoid - continue to pressure.
     As a result, Cut Nyak Dien's physical and health conditions have declined, but the fighting has remained. Seeing such conditions, his warlord, Pang Laot Ali, offered to surrender to the Netherlands. But Cut Nyak Dien is angry and insists to keep fighting.
Eventually Cut Nyak Dien was captured and to avoid his influence on the people of Aceh, he was exiled to Java, precisely to Sumedang, West Java. In the place of exile, Cut Nyak Dien who is old and has impaired eyesight, teaches religion. He kept his identity alive until the end of his life.
He died on November 6, 1908 and was buried in Sumedang. His grave was only known for certain in 1960 when the Aceh Government deliberately conducted a search. Cut Nyak Dien's struggle made a Dutch writer, Mrs. Szekly Lulof, amazed and held her "Queen of Aceh".....?

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