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The history of why the Alas tribe in Aceh Tenggara is surnamed

UKHANG Alas or khang Alas or Kalak Alas had settled in the valley Alas, long before the Dutch colonial government into Indonesia where a state resident Alas valley has been immortalized in a book written by a Dutch named Radermacher (1781: 8), when viewed from the record The history of the entry of Islam into the Land of Alas, in 1325 (Effendy, 1960: 26) it is clear that this population already exists although still nomadic with animist beliefs.

Alas name intended for an ethnic group or, while the area Alas called Tanoh Alas. According to Kreemer (1922: 64) the word "Alas" comes from the name of an ethnic head (grandson of King Lambing), he resides in the oldest village in Tanoh Alas, Batu Mbulan Village.
According to Iwabuchi (1994: 10) The king who first settled in Tanoh Alas is located in the village of Batumbulan known as the King of lambing the descendant of the King Lotung or known by the grandson of GURU TATAE MONTHS of Samosir Batak, Tatae Moon is a sibling of KING SUMBA. Guru Tatae Bulan has five children, namely King Uti, Saribu Raja, Limbong, Sagala, and Silau Raja. Saribu Raja is the parents of King Borbor and King Lontung. King Lontung has seven children namely Sinaga, Situmorang, Pandiangan, Nainggolan, Simatupang, Aritonang, and Siregar or known as siampudan or payampulan. Pandiangan is his Pande, Suhut Nihuta, Gultom, Samosir, Harianja, Pakpahan, Sitinjak, Solin in Dairi, Sebayang in Tanah Karo, and selian in the Land Alas, Keluet in South Aceh.
King Lambing is the ancestor of the merga Sebayang in Tanah Karo and Selian in Tanah Alas. King Lambing is the youngest of three siblings: his oldest brother is King Patuha in Dairi, and number two is King Enggang who migrated to Kluet Aceh Selatan, his descendants and his followers are merga Pinem or Pinim.
Later King Lambing moved to Tanah Karo where his descendants and followers were merga Sebayang with the territory from Tigabinanga to the Gugung and Karo District.
It is estimated that in the 12th century King Lambing emigrated from Tanah Karo to Tanah Alas, and settled in Batumbulan Village, his descendants and followers were Selian merga. In the Land Alas King Lambing has three children namely Raja Lelo (Raje Catfish) and his descendants in Ngkeran, later King Adeh which is his and his people Kertan, and the third is Raje Kaye whose descendants settled in Batumbulan, including Bathin. Keturuan Raje Lambing in Tanah Alas until the year 2000, has mempuyai 26th descendants who live scattered in the territory of Tanah Alas (Effendy, 1960: 36; sebayang 1986: 17).
After King Lambing then followed the King of God who his wife is the daughter of King Lambing. King Lambing surrendered the reins of King's leadership to the King of Gods (son-in-law). Known by the name of Malik Ibrahim, the famous Muslim teacher of Islam to the Land of Alas. The evidence of this historical site is still in Muara Lawe Sikap, Batumbulan village. Malik Ibrahim has one son named ALAS and until 2000 has had a descendant of 27 who live in the Southeast Aceh Regency, Banda Aceh, Medan, Malaysia and elsewhere.
There is something that draws the attention of the agreement between the son of King Lambing (King Adeh, King Kaye and Raje Lele) with the son of the King of God (King Alas) that the syi'ar of Islam brought by the King of God was accepted by all the people of Alas, but the customs By King Lambing remains in use together, in short life is conceived customary death contained law (Islam) therefore it is clear that the assimilation between customs and culture of Alas tribe has been going on since hundreds of years ago.

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