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Tradition in Indigenous Marriage Alas: Tangis Dilo

Alas tribe has many unique cultural traditions-unique and is one of the heritage for indigenous tribes in Indonesia. This tradition is inherited by the ancestors of the Alas tribe in the province of Aceh precisely in Southeast Aceh district and until now still maintained its authenticity. Traditions that have become part of the customs and arts of this area among which we often see and hear is Tangis Dilo (Cries Before Dawn), Pemamanen (Invitations from the Party of women), Variety (Poems in the form of a story that was raided), Sesukuten (Legend Stories , Fairy tale), Ngerane (rhymed) done by the eloquent parent Anggun Dodang (Swinging Child) and there are many terms customs, arts including the type of dance that became the social tradition of indigenous culture of Alas Aceh Tenggara tribe.

Here we only discuss about the tradition of the culture of Tangis Dilo. The definition of Dilis Dilis is a bride's cry before dawn. Crying means crying, and Dilo means Time before dawn, if the fasting month is exactly the time of dawn, so be it. This was done by the bride to her mother before the "H" day of the woman's wedding ceremony, in other words crying before she left her mother to go and join her husband. Cried dilo is done the same day, before the marriage ceremony is done, or if tomorrow afternoon the bride is picked up and go to the husband's place, then at dawn early till she do tears the dilo. Although the tone of the melodic tears is almost the same as the diverse tones, the lyrics and the lyrics of the tears are not the same as the variance.
Here are the poems and lyrics of Tangis Dilo spoken by the bride to her mother.

Eeuuuhh… heeeuuiiiiiiii, heiieiiieihh….. heiieiiieihh….. heiieiiieihh…..
Aeuheeuuiihh…. Soh me bandu ameeeee eiiieiihh…..
Eiiieiihh… bekhas se selup de ame ku eeuuuhh…
Eeuuuhh… lawe se ntabu de ame ku ame aeehh…
Eiiieiihh… ken tukakh ganti ni anak ndu aku ame eeuuuhaeehh…
Kakhena sekadan wakhi no ameeeee aeiiieiihh….. e anak ndu aku de ame eeuuuhaeehh… senakhen ngantusi aeee… si kekukhangen bandu de ame ku…

Eeuuuhh… heeeuuiiiiiiii, heiieiiieihh….. heiieiiieihh….. heiieiiieihh…..

The intent of the poem is;

"He's already married, delivered a bamboo rice, one pumpkin water, in exchange for his mother, because his mother had always understood and nurtured him, had just taken care of his mother, and had not had time to make it and had not had time to meet the shortcomings of his mother, Today he has been free to take care of the mother everyday ".

That is roughly the meaning that was conveyed to her mother when a girl would leave her mother and go to her husband's place. Who delivered the cry of dilo in this adat tradition is a woman while worshiping and prostrating in her mother's lap while crying and reciting (poetry) with words like that strung up to her mother

So in the event of custom Alas, if the bride tomorrow to go home to her husband, there is a show as mentioned above that is tears dilo. The bride inserts rice in one chopstick as much as one bamboo, then water in the contents in a pumpkin or kettle. This event is done in isolation with his mother, that is when the time of dawn, then in this short time he delivered to his mother through tears dilo.
In Alas custom, before the woman or the married man goes to her husband's place, the tears of this dilo are performed while worshiping and prostrate in her mother's lap. We can feel for ourselves that the role of mother is so great in our children's lives, and in accordance with the teachings of religion to always respect and worship to parents, especially Mother, because heaven is in the soles of the mother's feet.

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