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Pelebat, Kesenian Beladiri From Aceh Tenggara

The people of southeast aceh have martial arts that are almost the same as the Betawi people. Betawi people with two heroes will show off their respective strengths in pitting dexterity, speed, accuracy in fighting. The culture is apparently also present in the life of alas society in southeast aceh. In southeast aceh art is called a pelabat, then what is the art of Pelebat?

The language of the liner comes from the word "Rubat" (Red-Bahasa Alas) meaning if translated into Indonesian is "Fighting" so that the climber can be interpreted is a culture where two people do fights that show each other intelligence in martial arts and also show courage without Know surrender.

In the old days before the dutch came, the weapons used in the art of the plaster were Mekhemu (Red-Alas Sword Alas), however, after the Dutch controlled Tanoh Alas began in 1904 the use of "Mekhemu" was not allowed anymore because it would be dangerous for anyone who played it , So replaced the use of "Mekhemu" with a piece of bamboo that thrives in Jatung lung of this world.

    The debater is usually played when the groom's family is about to go to the bride's house where the house is usually called "condensation". The two bridegroom families both men and women alike lowered two young men from their respective families to play the debater, before the agile fighting begins usually there will be a bamboo measurement so as not to happen whose name is different fur.
In addition, Pelebat also often played at the entertain guest guests who come from outside. But unfortunately it is a shame, this time the art gallery has been very rarely dihelat by the Alas community. Perhaps if asked in the current generation of young people in Aceh Tenggara many of them do not know this art. Something that is very unfortunate if the younger generation now do not know their own culture, it can be imagined how the young generation to come.

Here are the procedures for carrying out the art of the levers as quoted from the can of Aceh porch:

In the ningcini step, the eye searches for the opponent's opponent with fast motion
Jumping with a pouncing step, hitting an opponent in tune with a beating
Canang, which is played in a sitting and standing position, football player,
Hitting and deflecting, while most participants hit
Are considered winning and vice versa and accompanied by cheers
The audience.

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