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South aceh history and southeast aceh map

 Topography used to be a saga of Southeast Aceh is a large lake, formed in prehistoric times. In fact this can be seen from the number of village or area names that still use the word pulo (island), tip, and headland, such as Pulo Piku, Pulonas, Pulo Kemiri, Pulo Gadung, Pulo Latong, Tanjung, Kuta Gerat, Kuta Ujung, and West End. In addition, there are many graves found on top of the mountain, such as the grave of the King of God on Mount Lawe Sikap, the grave of Commander Seridane on the Rocky Stone, and the Long Commander's grave on top of the Long Mountain. The name of the base itself is believed to be derived from the base word meaningful mat or grounding in the form of a very wide field.
Kutacane is the capital of Southeast Aceh Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia. Geographically, Southeast Aceh Regency is located between 3055'23 "-4016'37" LU and 96043'23'-98010'32 "BT. In the north it is bordered by Gayo Lues Regency, in the east with North Sumatera Province and East Aceh Regency, south to South Aceh Regency, Aceh Singkil Regency and North Sumatera Province, and to the west with South Aceh Regency. Kutacane is the entrance to Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL) from Aceh, reaching approximately 5-6 hours by land through Karo District from Medan, North Sumatra.

Region of Southeast Aceh Regency (Agara) is located at an altitude of 25-1000 meters above sea level, in the form of hilly and mountainous areas. Some of the area is a natural reserve area of ​​Gunung Leuser National Park. Air temperature ranges from 25 to 32 Celsius.

In the long history of Southeast Aceh Regency government, it started from the formation of government throughout Aceh in early 1946 by grouping the areas that are "in the middle" of Aceh, namely Takengon, Gayo Lues, and Tanah Alas into one keluhakan called Keluhakan Aceh Tengah . The capital of keluhakan is planned to rotate every six months between Takengon, Blangkejeren, and Kutacane. Very long distances and very long travel time between Kutacane to Takengon, about 250 km traveled within 5-8 days on foot, or if using the vehicle must go through Medan, East Aceh, and Aceh Utara with a distance of about 850 km, Causing the implementation of government does not run effectively. Moreover, on 21 September 1953 erupted the Aceh Incident (Daud Bereueh), which prompted several figures from North Sumatra to try to incorporate the Tanah Alas region into the area of ​​North Sumatra. But this effort did not get the support of the people in Tanah Alas. In 1956 the Central Government realized that one of the causes of the eruption of the Aceh Incident was the melting of Aceh Province into the province of North Sumatra and decided to restore the province's status to Aceh. This further encouraged leaders in Tanah Alas and Gayo Lues to form their own districts, regardless of the district of Central Aceh. After going through the struggle tirelessly, finally Major Syahadat managed to convince Pangkowilhan I Letjend. Koesno Oetomo to de facto declare endorsed Tanah Alas and Gayo Area to Southeast Aceh Regency on 14 November 1967. In 1974, after struggling for 17 years since 1956, the Government finally issued Law no. 4 of 1974 on the Formation of Southeast Aceh Regency and its inauguration was made by the Minister of Home Affairs H. Amir Machmud on June 26, 1974 in a solemn event in Kutacane. On that day also the Governor of the Special Region of Aceh A. Muzakkir Walad inaugurated Major Syahadat as the Regent of Southeast Aceh Regency. On 24 July 1975 the Major Creed was definitively appointed as the first Regent of Southeast Aceh. The next Bupati after H. Syahadat (held from 1975 to 1981) was T. Djohan Syahbudin, SH, (1981-1986), Drs. H. T. Iskandar, (period 1986-1991), Drs. H. Syahbuddin BP (period 1991-2001), H. Armen Desky (period 2001-2006) and Ir. Hasanuddin B (since 2006 until now).

Then on 10 April 2002 the district was divided into Southeast Aceh District and Gayo Lues District based on Law No. 4 of 2002.

Administratively, since its formation in 1974 until 2013, Southeast Aceh Regency is divided into 16 districts, one kelurahan, and 385 villages. A total of 282 villages are located in the valley and 103 villages are located on the slopes of Gunung Leuser and Bukit Barisan National Parks. The sixteen sub-districts in Southeast Aceh are: Lawe Alas, Lawe Sigala-Gala, Babul Makmur, Bambel, Babussalam, Badar, Darul Hasanah, Lawe Moon, Bukit Tusam, Semadam, and Babul Rahmah, Deleng Pokhkisen, Tanoh Alas, Leuser, Ketambe, Babul Makmur and Lawe Well.

Southeast Aceh Regency known as Alas Valley, is very rich in tourist objects. The development of tourism in Southeast Aceh is directed at the utilization of the tourism sector to increase local revenue with an emphasis on natural tourism. The goal of tourism development is to increase the flow of foreign tourists and domestic tourists from year to year.

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South aceh history and southeast aceh map

 Topography used to be a saga of Southeast Aceh is a large lake, formed in prehistoric times. In fact this can be seen from the number of ...